Keianna Rae Harrison Williams MA


Life Coach / Executive Coaching/  Case Management 

Children , Adolescents , Adults

Keianna Rae Harrison Williams MA, is a serial entrepreneur. She began the work of helping others as a Case Manager at Lighthouse Day Treatment Center in 2001 and then put her marketing and non-profit skills to use at Community action Partnership (CAP) .  She is a talented in every way . In January of 2020 she decided to put a life experience of training and experience toward heading the Indianapolis office of Riverscape Counseling and is the Co-CEO. Her life purpose is to help people. Keianna believes coaching is an investment in your life and future, same like school is an investment in our development and profession.Coaching is an investment in our life and future, same like school is an investment in our development and profession. While school does a great job at starting us on the right path, life and careers require more targeted, experienced and professional support, guidance and action plans.She is a Certified Life Coach and provides Coaching, Consulting, Team Building, Wellness Coaching and Case Management for all ages. In addition she is an accomplished designer and an agent for social justice in the community. . For several years she has had a home design business with top ratings in the community. She is highly organized and enjoys spending time with her family, travel and rooting for the underdog.

Please note that Insurance does not cover Life Coaching or Case Management . 

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